Motion Graphics Artist

Motion Graphics Artist

Brazen Animation is looking for an in-house (Dallas) or remote Motion Graphics Artists of all levels to join a talented and growing team. We are looking for artists with grit, drive, passion, and a love for bringing personality and life to any story. They must have a knowledge of the animation principles, as well as strong pacing, graphic design, and storytelling skills. We are looking for an enthusiastic collaborator willing to work closely with an in-house team on a daily basis to create strong, compelling visuals. Please specify if you are interested in freelance/contract work or a fulltime position.

Responsibilities to Include

  • Report directly to Motion Graphics Supervisor
  • Create compelling and appealing animations with After Effects
  • Collaborate and iterate with team under tight deadlines to produce beautiful and meaningful work


  • Motivated to help tell stories with meaning and purpose 
  • Reel showing strong, stylized, and fun animation
  • Portfolio showing strong graphic design sensibilities skills a MUST
  • Strong proficiency in After Effects
  • C4D or cel animation proficiency is a plus
  • Good instincts for stylized and realistic motion
  • Able to design mockups and storyboards and come up with ideas independently
  • Must have solid communication skills and work well within a team
  • Be willing and able to both give and receive feedback
  • Self-starter personality that is constantly driven to improve and push quality in their work and others work as well
  • Flexible and highly adaptable in a fast-paced, dynamic, high pressure, start-up environment
  • Always looking to improve their workflow and the workflow of the team
  • Strong work-ethic showing grit and drive
  • Time management skills, ability to receive and execute animation notes in a timely manner
  • Strong problem solving skills

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  • Designs and creates effects animation and simulations to meet art-directed and aesthetic requirements of animation and visual effects production.
  • Shades, lights, renders and creates basic composites to demonstrate the usability of FX elements.
  • Scripts and writes expressions that allow reusability and efficiency of FX setups
Required Skills:
  • Proven experience in using particle systems, RBD, soft body, cloth, hair and pyro and fluid solvers to create smoke, fire, destruction, water, hair and cloth FX
  • An eye for details, good sense of timing and aesthetics.
  • A thorough understanding of techniques and technologies as they relate to computer graphics physical simulation.
  • Familiar with at least one renderer (preferably V-Ray and Mantra)
  • Proficiency in Nuke demonstrate viable of FX elements through slapcomps.
  • Ability to create procedural setups that can be re-used in production.
  • VFX, feature animation or episodic production experience.
  • Strong background in linear algebra math.
Preferred Skills:
  • Knowledge of VEX, python, hscript, maya or mel.
  • Knowledge of FX in game engines such as Unreal Engine or Unity.

If you’d like to be part of building stunning visuals and this sounds like a challenge you’re up for we’d love to hear from you! Apply here

Be Brazen!


We regularly update our available positions. For all full time, contract, and internship applications, apply here For all other career related inquiries please complete and submit the following form.  Be Brazen!

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