Brazen is looking for someone who has experience in cg production and has a deep desire to help build a pipeline that is innovative and efficient.  Candidates may have a technical artist background and have pushed yourself beyond just aesthetics and more into tools and software development. Candidates may have worked in a part of the pipeline as an artist but enjoyed the challenge of making life easier for yourself and all the artists you collaborate with by developing tools and software for your team or other teams.  We are a highly collaborative studio that is constantly evolving the way we work and coming up with new tools to help push what we can achieve.

  • Strong python background, c++ and other programming languages are a huge benefit
  • Ability to learn new programming languages a must
  • Strong understanding of a CG pipeline
  • Strong desire to build tools for artists, solve problems, and innovate
  • Ability to support artists in all disciplines
  • Enjoys being challenged and can handle fast-paced production needs
  • Understands software development principles, unit testing, data structures, agile workflows
  • Basic understanding of computer systems, linux, windows, sys admin

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